axial3D - patient data made real

15:25, Room 1

Niall Haslam

At axial3D our mission is to improve the quality of care hospitals can provide by enhancing existing practices, giving their clinicians easy access to patient specific 3D printed models. All bespoke products axial3D provide are designed to improve diagnosis and help plan a personalised treatment for each individual patient, improving their care while subsequently reducing resource burden on a hospital. Our goal is to become a market leader in providing the service of 3D printing & associated software to the medical industry. We will specialise in a wide range of medical applications following on from our flagship service of 3D printing for pre-operative planning purposes.

We are actively developing our software product – axial3D insight that offers full work-flow management with innovative image algorithm technology. This allows a user to automatically manage the process of 3D printing physical models directly from a patient’s CT or MRI scan. 3D printed models are used to pre-operatively and simulate surgery for complex cases, and to improve patient understanding of the surgical procedure they will be involved in.

The talk will highlight some of the challenges we face and the techniques we’ve deployed to the product better. I’ll also be talking about the technology stack: python, spring and angular. Some lessons about the journey from idea to research project and production will also be drawn out.